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The Green Box
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Raised bed gardening

Learn why Raised Bed Gardening by the Square Foot Can Save You Time and Money.
The Green Box
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The Green Box
Raised garden beds
The Green Box
The Green Box
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Creative Concrete Products, LLC is dedicated to the cultivation of home grown organic food that is produced for your family's health. "The Green Box" is our way to help bring safety, longevity and beauty to your raised gardening bed experience and to aid in your success from each square foot gardening bed so your plants grow into healthy produce.

Building permanent raised gardening beds will do well for you, because you are able to use it over and over, making the investment well worth the time and effort. "The Green Box" is a great decision especially If your enthusiasm is stiffled with temporary beds that need yearly repairs. You realize that even though they are cheaper to build, they will require more upkeep and lost time.
Raised Gardening Beds
Garden beds
"The Green Box" has many more uses as you will find browsing our website. Please enjoy our content and feel free to share your experiences.  
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Raised Garden Bed kits
"The Green Box"
Your Multi-Purpose Concrete
Post & Wall System

  * Eco Friendly
  * Garden Safe
  * Durable
  * Easy to Install
  * Attractive
In Three Atractive Colors
You Will Want Them For:

* Raised Garden Beds  * Terraced Yards * Retaining Walls  * Yard Features  * Fences  * Dividers
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"A Concrete Soution For Life"
Rasied Garden
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"Concrete Products For Life"
raised garden beds
Made in Washington. Made in America.

The Green Box is a concrete post, capstone and panel kit that fit together to build raised garden beds for a lifetime of organically safe gardening beauty. The Green box can also be used for concrete fences, yard features, terraced yards, dividers, and retaining walls.

The Green Box is truly imagination at work

The Green Box is Creative Concrete Products, LLC's newest product. We developed this concrete product after many requests through the years for us to invent a way to utilize our Duraskirt panels to work for raised garden beds. We believe we have created more than our customers asked for in creating The Green Box.

Our concrete post, capstone and panel system for raised garden beds can be used in many more imaginative ways around your home or property. Maybe you have a community garden allotment that can use a long term solution that will look great for decades without the need for repairs. Maybe the property you own can be improved with terraces looking toward the future of someday building your dream home. Your imagination is unlimited in ways you can use The Green Box finished concrete post, capstone and panel system. Please browse through are latest photos of The Green Box and read scroll through our blog for more ideas or come up with an idea of your own. 

Please send us a photo if you come up with something new as we always love hearing from our customers.  Enjoy Gardening safely and organically!  

raised garden beds
The Green Box
The green box
​Gain 33% or more growing space by building raised gardens beds with "The Green Box" versus using blocks. Example: In a 16' x 32' area that calculates to two 3' x 16' raised beds....six raised beds versus only four...WOW!
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The Green Box
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