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Raised bed gardening

Learn why Raised Bed Gardening by the Square Foot Can Save You Time and Money.
The Green Box
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About Creative Concrete Products, LLC
Creative Concrete Products, LLC is dedicated to the cultivation of home grown organic food that is produced for your family's health.  "The Green Box" is our way to help bring safety,  longevity and beauty to your raised gardening bed. is dedicated and informative with tips on organic gardening and much more. Our site is in the process of constantly being updated with relivant content to aid your successes from each square foot gardening bed that you plant for a healthy produce. 

Bring lasting beauty to your raised gardening beds using The Green Box. Shop here or Call 360-419-9909 to enjoy raised bed gardening by the foot.

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Richard S. Imus, Owner / Manger
I believe in service beyond the sale of our products.  Creative Concrete Products, LLC's best advertisement is our customers sharing with their friends, family and neighbors.
Quality is the most essential part of our products.  The staff at Creative Concrete Products, LLC are dedicated & most have been here since we began in 2000.
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The Green Box
The Green Box
The Green Box
Creative Concrete Products
Raised Garden Bed kits
raised gardening beds
Raised garden beds
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The Green Box is a concrete post, capstone and panel kit that fit together to build raised garden beds for a lifetime of organically safe gardening beauty. The Green box can also be used for concrete fences, yard features, terraced yards, dividers, and retaining walls

Raised Garden beds