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Learn why Raised Bed Gardening by the Square Foot Can Save You Time and Money.
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Gain 33% or more growing space by building raised gardens beds with "The Green Box" versus using blocks. Example: In a 16' x 32' area that calculates to two 3' x 16' raised beds....six raised beds versus only four...WOW!
Raised Beds
Learn how fun Raised Bed Gardening can be while saving your time and money. Gardening by the foot has never been more beautiful! !

The Green Box Delivers More Growing Area in Less Space for Your Raised Garden Beds

by Richard Imus on 12/26/12

The Green Box design is a unique post, panel and capstone that when installed in your yard uses less space than any other raised garden bed design.  This design adds more than 33% more growing area when compared to using blocks.  The raised garden beds made with The Green Box look great and adds flair to your back yard décor.

The structural differences between block and The Green Box are quite different.  Blocks use surface width, gravity and infilling for support for each block.  The Green Box utilizes posts that are hand excavated and braced with a mortar bed well below the growing space, and using this design over blocks yield an amazing 33% or more crop space. 

The Green Box

Can you think of a better use of space in your garden area than more plants?  I’m sold on The Green Box for many reasons.  For me it is not only beautiful, uses less space but the selling point is it is made of concrete that is manufactured using a corn oil release agent.  This oil is biodegradable and is totally harmless to our environment.  Much concrete today still uses petroleum oils, which are harmful, to detach their steel molds.

When you consider all The Green Box offers and the costs, I believe there is only one clear choice you can make… which color of The Green Box do you like?  Southwest Terracotta, Rainforest Green or Cascade Shadow are the three different colors they offer.  Take time to make up your mind and plan The Green Box garden design in your backyard today!


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raised garden beds
Raised garden beds
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Raised Beds
Raised Beds

Raised Beds have never been more beautiful. The Green Box is a concrete post, capstone and panel kit that fit together to build raised garden beds for a lifetime of organically safe gardening beauty. The Green box can also be used for concrete fences, yard features, terraced yards, dividers, and retaining walls