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Learn why Raised Bed Gardening by the Square Foot Can Save You Time and Money.
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Gain 33% or more growing space by building raised gardens beds with "The Green Box" versus using blocks. Example: In a 16' x 32' area that calculates to two 3' x 16' raised beds....six raised beds versus only four...WOW!
Raised Beds
Learn how fun Raised Bed Gardening can be while saving your time and money. Gardening by the foot has never been more beautiful! !

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Benefits of a Raised Garden

by Richard Imus on 12/07/12

Do you enjoy a garden of fresh flowers or vegetables? Gardens really are a thing of beauty if done right and maintained properly. Most people would just go and dig and the dirt and plant whatever their heart’s desire. But what if maybe there was a better way to garden? This blog is going to go over some the benefits having a raised garden. Let’s start with what exactly is a raised garden? A raised garden bed is a specific type of gardening where soil is added to 3 to 4 foot wide beds that can actually be any size or length.

The benefits of a raised garden bed for starters are plants can breathe better, because the soil is not so compact. Roots need lots of air to breathe. When gardening the traditional way you almost always at some point have to step into the garden to do something. When you step into the garden it causes the soil to compact. You will not have this problem with a raised garden. Another benefit is when you put the plants in you can place the plants closer together simply because you no longer have the need to step into the garden. Most gardens you notice the plants are spaced out, this is so a person can have room to move around in the garden when doing working.

Raised beds also remedy the problem of any excess moisture because the water has a place to run off. Once again this will help your plants to breathe better. It is also good for gardeners who may have back problems. 

You will find adding your gardening ingredients such as fertilizer, compost, and soil easier to add in. It has also been statistically proven raised gardens produce 1 to 2 times more flowers and vegetables than traditional gardens.Raised gardens are becoming more and more popular. The benefits are endless to having these types of gardens. It not only makes your garden more plentiful but it also makes it easier to work on it. 

The Green Box prides itself on quality labor and great, high-quality raised garden bed kits. Find out what makes us so special with your own raised garden bed today!



by Richard Imus on 11/20/12

With The Green Box, raised gardening beds and raised garden kits have never been easier or made more sense to use in your home, or to beautify your place of work or other organization's lawn and grounds. There are many benefits to raising your gardening beds and using a raised garden beds kit to make it so that you never have to worry about your plants or flowers ever again!


Plus, our knowledgeable sale and support staff can assist you to ensure that what you want and need is exactly perfect for you, and can help you build a raised garden bed to last. There are just a few major benefits to building and using a raised garden bed, and thousands of people have already discovered their positives.


No More Messes and Watering Issues


If you are like most people, you are tired of having to bend over to water and seed plants and garden beds. It hurts your back, it hurts your knees to get on the ground like that, and before you know it you can find yourself slaving away in the garden which, once a fun opportunity and hobby, has now become boring, tedious, and time consuming.

Well no more! When you build a garden bed that is raised and built to last, you don't have to bend over to water or till soil, and you can do it all in comfort, easily and efficiently. No more problems or tedious requirements to raise your flowers or plants with raised garden beds, just efficient work and plant rearing that can be done from anywhere, and in any part of your home!

Built To Last So You Don't Worry


The Green Box builds raised garden beds and provides raised garden bed kits that are designed to last the test of time, so you don't have to worry about quality or repairs. Our kits work to withstand any weather, and almost anything unforeseen that Mother Nature might throw your way.


While we wish we could say the same thing about the flowers, if an unexpected freeze or storm comes along out of nowhere, we are confident that our beds themselves are built to last use, wear, tear, and weather, and you can be happy and confident with your raised garden beds from The Green Box for years to come.

Raised Garden Beds

Looks Beautiful in any Situation


In any situation, whether in the back yard or on the porch of your house, or out in the open at a place of business, on a window sill, or anywhere else you may find flowers or plants, The Green Box provides raised garden beds that are beautiful. The green, leafy plants in the beds can liven up any space or quarters, and provide just the right touch to make your yard, porch, or window perfect and amazing.


The Green Box prides itself on quality labor and great, high-quality raised garden bed kits. Find out what makes us so special with your own raised garden bed today!


How To Build a Raised Gardening Bed

by Richard Imus on 10/30/12

Planning a raised garden bed is easy with The Green Box and building, protecting and irrigating raised bed gardens add beauty to your back yard or front garden beds.

In this blog we will be covering tips and tricks to be successful in raising your own organic produce.


The Green Box prides itself on quality labor and great, high-quality raised garden bed kits. Find out what makes us so special with your own raised garden bed today!


raised garden beds
Raised garden beds
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Raised Beds
Raised Beds

Raised Beds have never been more beautiful. The Green Box is a concrete post, capstone and panel kit that fit together to build raised garden beds for a lifetime of organically safe gardening beauty. The Green box can also be used for concrete fences, yard features, terraced yards, dividers, and retaining walls